Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (pEMF)

Neuroshifter Micro Tesla is a technology that uses ultra-low output pulsed electromagnetic field (pEMF). pEMF provides the brain with information that the brain is then able to use to alter brainwaves. pEMF increases the brains ability to be flexible and adjust into patterns of more optimal functioning, i.e. increases wave activity where there are deficits. pEMF works at an intensity that is much less than what energy a cell phone puts out and similar to what headphones put out. pEMF may be widely unknown, but it has been around for decades and there have been thousands of clinical studies to prove its efficacy and safety. Neuroshifter output is over 10 million times weaker than medical stimulation devices and does not induce a current into the person or de-polarize the neurons.