Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

While Neurofeedback trains your brain to have voluntary control over your mood and state of mind, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) teaches you, through discussion, how to recognize and cope with stressful influences in your life. It can help you understand how your thoughts and behavior patterns influence your symptoms, and how to change the way the body responds to anticipated pain.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and, more recently, Neurofeedback, have been shown to make a huge difference to the lives of children and adults living with depression, with emotional and behavioral disorders, addiction, sleep problems and much more besides.
The concept of using both of these therapies in parallel is a relatively new one. However, studies have shown that combining them may increase the power and effectiveness of each individual treatment to improve your mental health and treat the problems you’re experiencing, especially where other treatments have failed. Increasing numbers of health professionals are combining these therapies for their patients and we now offer this at the Neurofeedback Center.
Delivered together, CBT will help you to conceptualize your problems from different perspectives and understand what changes you need to make, while Neurofeedback will focus on changing your actual brain function. The combination of these therapies can bring about rapid positive change, and may enable you to reduce or even eliminate your conventional medication.